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This is the part of the page where I will share some poetry.

Make me what you will

But inside, I'll still be me.

The truth is, I love you still,

Even though you aren't with me.

When I think of the way,

That your hand touches mine,

I imagine the way it could be

In due time.

I think that you know,

That I feel you somehow,

Across the stretched stars,

And from sunrise, thus far.

I wonder in my life,

If there will ever be

Someone who will love me truly,

Someone who'll always stay.


Please feel free to make poem topic requests

Here I am, alone again,

I trace the path your fingers took,

Down my arm, entwining fingers...

I pause, sort of distant,

Was it in my head,

Or did it just exist?

I don't know, or if I did

I don't want to...

Cause the happiness I still feel

Will wear off soon enough,

Once I stop,

And reconsider,

If it's real...



I can't get enough of Caleb....sorry...lol