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Lady Ney's Emporium

Buy my crap so I can have money
This is my shop. You must remember first come first serve. And always always if you dont see what you want, let me know, I will get it for ya!
Im here to serve ya ^_^

The Best Store Ever : We Sell STUFF

Come on, ya know you want to buy stuff ^_^
You can find a wide variety of stuff, but again, if I don't have what you want, let me know, and I will hunt it down to the end of the earth and find it for you ^_^


Peace out yall - Lady Ney

Suggestion? Request? Think I'm insane?
Email me at passiveagressivebutterfly@yahoo.com

all your questions will be responded to in a timely fashion

For Sale!
My darling ferret, who is leash trained, with a 3 story cage, all toys, food, grooming supplies, treats, and a sweet sweet pet....all for $250

Legolas from the Fellowship of the Rong, in FRENCH Packaging....MINT IN BOX.... only $20 plus shipping!

Professor Dumbledore and the Mirror of Erised...MINT IN BOX...only $20 plus shipping!

Gandalf the Grey from Fellowship, mint in box...only $10 plus shipping!

A suitcase full of Magic cards...$150 plus shipping

A large box full of Yu-Gi-Oh cards....$75.00 plus shipping

A HUGE box of Pokemon cards....$125 plus shipping