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These are the first pics I wanted to scan in...have fun!

These were pictures from random times, a sort of hodge-podge for you to see!

This is just cool!

This is the Lamb Banana, isn't it the best?

Me and Val : )

This was the 4th of July in 2003

VW BUG!!!!

This is also from the 4th, this is Ota's bug, isn't it spiffy?

Me and Darcy!

This was last summer, I think about August or so... We had a lot of fun that summer : ) I miss you Darcy!

Probably my favorite picture of myself

I really like that shirt, and yay! I still fit into it!

Soda Experiment!

For a month, we fed 3 plants, one Pepsi, one water, and one Diet Pepsi. See what happened? I have other, the Pepsi one disintergrated when I touched it about a month after this picture was taken...hehehe

The falls!

Isn't this just beautiful?