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This page is dedicated to the people in my life who don't suck. This varies on a day to day basis...hehehehe

Reasons To Adopt A Monkey

1-They are cute

2-They are smart

3-They are funny

4-They say bork

My Favorite Animes ( in no order!!!)



-Rurouni Kenshin


-Ranma 1/2

-Magic Knights Rayearth

-Please Save My Earth



I hope that people like my polls, I know I enjoy making them. Interspersed with these polls are, I should have a poll to see what page you like the best...hehehehe

My Favorite Books (and series...also in no order)

-The Belgariad

-The Mallorean

-Harry Potter




- If I Pay Thee Not In Gold by Piers Annthony/Mercedes Lackey

-Chronicles Of Narnia


Go Make A Live Journal!

Under star swept oceans, you called me.

I felt the waves draw me in, undefined, unrehearsed.

I fought an endless losing battle, not to lose my heart, but

Alas you've won...I lay finally defeated,

Broken warrior I am, broken body all I've left.

I sleep in silent luxury,

A promise to fullfiill,

Dreams of yester-yore and truth

A day I spent with you.

Entertain Yourself!

My Favorite Foods



-Soup (any kind!!!)

-Feta cheese (though any cheese is good ofcourse)



-Captain Crunch Berries

-Cheetos (crunchy)

-Slim Jims

-Frosted Mini Wheats

-Wheat Thin Crackers

Pretty Dragon


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