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Welcome To My Sad Pathetic Life

I am Jessica, its a pleasure to meet you.....well maybe it isnt, maybe i dont like you and you are only out to use me or hurt me...or make me cry!!! oh no!

Oh yeah, visit my live journal. user name morbidfaery

Have fun, but be warned, this is at your own risk to your personal sanity.

Things I Am Looking For In A Guy : )
- A good sense of humor
-An appreciation of anime/video games/music/etc things that i like :)
-Someone who likes the rain
- Someone who isn't opposed to watching a movie and falling asleep on a couch some night, AND finding it romantic...cuz I do :P
-Someone who will buy me GOD I'm 20, and I've never gotten a flower, wow, way to make a girl feel depressed...
- Someone who has the strength to stand up to my dad...even when I don't
-Someone who isn't going to flip out if I'm busy, or if I need to be alone...
-Someone who isn't going to be jealous of all my guy friends
-Someone who will take care of me, no matter what

GOD I am a sappy pathetic fool....someone shoot me?

These Are Reasons Why The World Goes 'Round

- Because the monkey says bork!!!!

- To each their own, it's plain to see, to walk alone you have to be, it's all for you, and all for me, you'll see.

- Time is here and gone before you can say, see a fly hurry by don't you try bringing back yesterday.

- Id rather get by, and just do my time, out of step while, they all get in line, I'm just a minor threat so pay no mind.

- Don't want to wake up alone anymore, still believing you'll walk through my door, all I need is to know it's for sure, then I'll give, all the love in the world.

- I can't help it if I'm just a fool, always having my heart set on you, till the time you start changing the rules, I'll keep chasing the soles of your shoes.

- You think you know me like yourself but I fear, that you're only telling me what I want to hear, do you give a damn? Understand that I can't not be what I am.

-Dreaming comes so easily, cause it's all that I know. True love is a fairy tale, I'm damaged, so how would I know? I'm scared, and I'm alone, I'm ashamed and I need for you to know. I didn't say all the things that I wanted to say, and you can't take back what you've taken away, cause I feel you, near me.

-Hold me Stanley, I love you, love you, love you, love you...Not now Emily go away. Hold me Stanley, I need you , need you, need you, need you....Not now Emily go away. I should have stayed with Steven, I should have stayed with Alvin, I should have stayed with Rupert, I should have stayed with Al. Maybe someday, I'll find love, maybe someday, I'll find love... Don't tell me how to do it, seven times, there's nothing to it!

-Jump me, Jack me, Push me, Pull me, Talk hard!

A poem to share
Giving In To Radiance

Inside of you
glows an inner-radiant-light eminating prescence.
It encompasses me, hold me
under water, till I'm drowing in
I struggle, but I've no intention of winning.
I almost want to succumb to your intentions...
your attention, your affection.
And I will bask in your light.
And give in without a fight,
to the whim of your fancy.
I've endured for this long.
I feel my limits have been tested
and that they've won.
So for my one win,
I should concede this next battle.
Though battle may be too strong a word.
For in you winning, so do I.
Because the only way to keep me is to need me
and you seem to.
As you need me, so I need you.
And in this revelation,
I now give in to you.

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What Use Is It To You What's On My Mind?
My schedule mostly
Sunday- possibly working
Monday- 10am- Modern Poetry
11am- Short Story
1pm- Childrens Lit
2pm- writing From Personal Perspective
tuesday- prolly working
Wedneday- see monday
thursday- see tuesday
Friday- see monday and wednesday
saturday- see thursday and tuesday

This site is for entertainment purposes only, please don't take anything seriously, ok?


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